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Rana – 35 years old

Dream Planner

Making the dreams and wishes of people come true brings me happiness

Do not judge by her angelic smile because Rana is a formidable gladiator when it comes to her job. A self-made-woman, pioneer in her field, she does not shy away from the challenges laid down by her clients. A real working girl, she has a rather busy schedule. Nevertheless, she accepted the request of interview extended by our Association Anaislyse coach job Toulouse to make us discover her job: Dream planner. Rana does not have the time to daydream but we want to know everything about what a Dream Planner is, so let’s hurry up and turn on this tape recorder!

Hi Rana, so tell us all, what is a Dream Planner?
Dream planner is a profession that did not exist and that I entirely invented.
I identify the dreams and wishes of employees and I provide personalized services that fit the most these dreams and wishes.

We agree, this profession is not included in the Code ROME, so, were you inspired by a certain concept and how did you « fall » into it?

I was not inspired by a concept but by my own experience.
Once I achieved my own dream and I suddenly felt the effect of personal accomplishment. I was happy and motivated for a long time, so I was proud of what I had accomplished. Since realizing my dream, I gained a lot of confidence and I increased my potential. I have then understood and witnessed the effects of personal fulfillment through the realization of what counts most to us, that is, our dreams.
And since then, I had the idea to realize the dreams of others by orienting myself towards companies:  » lasting motivation, happiness.

I fight to open inaccessible doors. That’s my added value.

What kind of companies calls on your services?
Initially, I thought that only large companies were going to be interested in my services but ultimately it was not the case, because one of my first clients was a SME. Human Resources Managers, Communications Managers, Sales Managers contact me for special occasions for employees: rewarding or customizing the reward of a team that has won an innovation challenge, organizing a business challenge or personalizing a team building, unifying employees around their passions or wishes or simply customizing the retirement gift of an employee or the wedding gift of a colleague.

Tell us how a dream is organized
It depends on the culture of the company but in general, we devise, with the management of the sponsoring company, the strategy to reap the dreams and wishes of the employees via a questionnaire that I provide and through which they will identify and express their dreams and wishes. I only receive the questionnaire of the team or of the employee concerned by my service.
At this stage, these employees do not yet know who is involved. The team or employee in question will be unveiled at an event organized by the company.
Once the service is distributed, the planning part begins.

What kind of dream do you realize?
I provide various personalized services according to the budget allocated by the company for the achievement of its employees’ dreams or wishes. Requests can go from the “simplest” to the most « complicated », like for example: tasting a Romanee Conti (considered the greatest wine of Burgundy and is one of the most expensive wines in the world, priced at thousands of Euros per bottle – Editor’s note). Knowing that employees are not limited in the expression of their dreams or wishes, it is up to me to customize according to the given time and the allocated budget. Let’s just say that every time it is a challenge and I savor that. In addition, I tend to fight to reach the inaccessible because I know that employees will not be able to do it on their own (lack of good contact, lack of means …). It can take 3 weeks to bring a solution to his dream or wish.
To give you some examples of the services provided: Visiting the factory of Renault Sport Formula One Team in Enstone, England with the opportunity to take the controls of a simulator, discovering the backstage of the three-star restaurant Michel BRAS – one of the greatest French chefs – and attending the preparation workshops, participating in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in total immersion with all the participants in the race, attending an Arsenal match, helping build a school in Mali, participating in the construction of a hydraulic network in Burkina Faso, hunting grouse (the emblematic game of Scotland – Editor’s note) in Scotland …

By dint of realizing people’s dream, don’t we take ourselves a little for a fairy at a certain point?
Ah not at all!!! We do not take ourselves for a fairy because it is not done with a wave of a magic wand. It is a true assault course, a real challenge even. Depending on the dream to achieve, this can be a real pain!
Realizing an employee’s dream can be very difficult, so you have to fight. The difficulty is having limited budget and time, making the right contact takes time. You also need to know how to change your strategy when need be.
At the very beginning of my career, that is to say 2 years ago, to prove myself, I had to realize a dream with a budget of 0€! I had to convince partners, get my network working. Believe me, it is a real challenge.
Even if sometimes it goes without saying, because from the first hours of your request, providers are enthusiastic and adhere to the concept, I assure you that it is not a wave of a magic wand!! I « struggle » for 3 weeks sometimes right up to an hour before delivery of the service and that’s when I say « Now, we are there, I can release the pressure ». If truth be told, I’m not a fairy but a gladiator 😉

Rana, dream planner from « Com Un Rêve » realizes the dream of others but who realizes the dream of Rana?
Yes I realize the dream of others but it happens in very rare cases that the dream is inaccessible at a given moment. I make sure to get as close as possible to this dream or where necessary to realize the wish of the employee (upon delivery of the questionnaire, the employee expresses several dreams and wishes). For example: An employee wished to attend the final match of the FIFA 2018 World Cup but it is after a year and a half!! No tickets are on sale yet so you we even make a reservation. So, after contacting FIFA, one of my contacts in Toulouse suggested an idea that sparked in my head. I did my research, and this led me to another solution. I was already one week away from delivery! So the solution I found that came closest to his dream was to allow him to attend the final match of the FIFA Confederations Cup which will take place during the summer of 2017.
So concretely I could not realize his dream to attend the 2018 World Cup final because the tickets are not even out yet but I was able to allow him to attend the final match of the Confederations Cup. The aim is thus to personalize at best the service according to the dream.
But to answer your question about « who realizes my dream », I will tell you that I have already realized my dream, hence the project of « Com Un Rêve » was born. Today, I have no dream to achieve but a monumental project to lead: that of bringing dreams into all companies!

What, in your opinion, is a dream?
Thanks to my career, I was able to define what a dream is. For me, a dream is a project that is important to us and cannot be achieved if one of the five key factors of its realization is missing:
– Time or the notion of time to acquire the competence
– Money
– Motivation
– Determination
– Good contact
If one of these elements is missing, the project that is important to us will become impossible and will thus move into the realm of dreams.

Rana’s message for future employees, managers, entrepreneurs who read us?
« To be happy is a lot, to make happy is much more » is a quote by the writer Marie-Jeanne Riccoboni.

The hashtag of the end?
#ToMakeHappyIsMuchMore 😉

Also french version

Thanks a lot Bellissima Rana ! You make our dream come true !

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